1. Do you take custom request?
      Of course! Custom requests are are favorite! Please note, we try our best to be able to create what you would like, however not all designs will be created. We have the right to refuse a custom request for with no reason given. In order to make a custom request, please email us at or send us a message on FB.

    2. How Long does it take after I order to receive my item?
      RTS Items (ready to ship): will ship out within two business days. These are items we currently have in stock.

      Made to Order items
      : We order materials as needed due to working from home. Typically it takes 3-4 weeks for us complete your shirt. It takes, on average, 1-2 weeks to receive blank shirts, however during holidays it can be a little longer. We order blank shirts on average once a week. The day they arrive to me, we add the designs. Shirts with bleaching patterns take a little longer time

      Each different item we make has its own unique time frame and requirements. Feel free to message us and ask us any questions. If there is any delay, we will let you know what the reason is.

      Processing time is the time it takes from receiving your order to the time I ship it out, excluding weekends. Business days are Monday - Friday. It also does NOT including shipping time. Processing time starts when we receive your whole order is complete. Please make sure your purchase is complete and no information is left off. Due to the custom nature of the items listed, refunds can not be given in the instance that a customer has listed the item details or item itself incorrectly. I order all materials as I need them for made to order orders.

    3. What if I need my item sooner than that?
      If you need your order made to order items sooner, a rush fee will be added. Fee will depend on how soon you need your order completed. We have the right to refuse any order with no explanation required.
      -5 business days: $20
      -10 business days: $10
      -15 business days: $5

    4. What about shipping?
      We currently ship all packages via USPS or UPS. Each package will include tracking and insurance. Once your order is complete, we will ship your package out the next day. Please note, if you order ready to ship and made to order items in the same order, you will not receive your items until the made to order items are complete.

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